Places to buy

Home Buying Steps:

  1.  Choose your own realtor representing buyer’s interest only.
    Write a contract with Frank Yoo:
    *Buyer Agent Acknowledgement
    *Buyers Exclusive Agent Agreement
    *Working With a Realtor Brochure
  2. Mortgage Pre-Approved
    Get pre-approval letter for your mortgage. How much you can afford and it will give you better negotiating power since you know what you can play with. Money is the bullet in financial word.
  3. Wants & Needs List
    Make sure what are your needs/wants. It will help narrow your home search to the home that is right for you.
  4. Viewing Properties
    A preview tour or guided tour of the home you want to view.
  5. Finding the Right Home and Write contrat with Deposit money
    Once we have found the right home for you, we’ll help you to realise the key points of your purchase contract offering, write an offer with best terms and conditions for the buyer, and strategically present & negotiate your offer to the seller.
  6. Conduct Due Diligence
    We’ll need to ensure you are protected: Inspection, Title search, Property Disclosure Statement, financing, home & fire insurance, review strata documents if the lot is shared together with other condo/townhouse owners.
  7. Pay the Balance
    Final Preparations: Select a Lawyer/Notary, arrange for home insurance, transfer or cancel utilities & service contracts, make moving arrangments, sign closing documents, and transfer money.
  8. Get the key to open your own home door/gate
    We give you the keys to your new home and the celebration begins


In essence, I do one client at a time to search, analyze, sort, locate and compare similar properties to identify the best opportunity for my client and make showing arrangements, document all sorts of communication, write a proposal or CPS, update marketing material, give away advice, assisted guide/tour, host Open House, advise land assembly to builder, investigate and confirm pertaining fact of the real estate you are interested to buy or sell.

Again, are you sure you’re ready to buy now?

Is your bank account ready to make some deposit?

Did you ask your bank or mortgage broker how much you could borrow to invest in real estate?

Do you know that when you sell your principal residence in Canada there is no income/capital gains taxes at all?

Are you ready to make an offer to purchase?

Is it a right time to buy now?

Markets go up, markets go down and even the smartest experts can’t accurately predict when a market will peak or bottom out. If you’re buying a home as a long-term investment (and for long-term enjoyment), you should be protected from short-term changes in the market. Pick a home that meets the needs of you and your family. Then you’ll enjoy living in your investment as it grows in value.

You can search by yourself but I can do way faster than you could think of because I am a realtor who can access inside data system. No charge for you to find your home when you buy it but only will cost you when you sell it. And I am going to pay your conveyancing legal costs on behalf of you! Plus, some incentive or high value gift as well!

Search now?

Residential Listings

Commercial Listings

You may not think that you need a buyer’s agent necessarily when you purchase because you are not paying any commissions. It won’t cost any extra money, as their fees are covered by the commission paid by the seller, which is a split between the buying and listing agent.

Some would speculate that the buyer’ agent’s service is not exacly “free” at the seller will weave the commission cost into the listing price. However, that listing price will not be any lower if you forego having a buyer’s agent and you would even end up with a bad or worse deal as you did not have an experienced professional negotiating your purchase in your side for the sole benefit/interest of you.

Understanding a realtor relationship with you.

RE: Hiring a realtor when you buy/sell a property:

Only the Realtor who has an agency relationship can provide serious questions; advice on price or how to negotiate it if you sign a paper with him/her for a client relationship.